The main content of this tool is formed by the thematic and case study ‘toolkit’ briefs produced by the BESAFE project. The tool places them in a policy and decision making context, offers easy access in different ways and links to background and further information

There are three basic ways to start exploring the tool from the home page

  • The Explore by processes option offers the ‘guided tour’, which you should take if you need an introduction or want to look for content guided by the decision making or policy making processes.
  • The Search and Filter facility is what you should use if you want to search for specific content.
  • The Case study map is your starting point if you want to explore examples of specific situations or in specific countries.

Two additional ways of access are available through the shortcuts menu (top right)

  • All content information in the tool is ordered in categories. The categories list offers shortcuts to all information in a category. It also lists categories that may not be in the menu of the search and filter facility.
  • The list of briefs gives straight acces to the individual briefs

The schortcuts menu also offers access to a site map and direct access to a number of key subjects