The slides move automatically forward after some time, unless you place the mouse pointer over them.

  • Top left menu
    The top left menu contains the Home button and links to the BESAFE project website and the page where all downloads are made available. Under the About button is information on the 'making of", the last button opens a form to leave a comment.
  • Top right menu
    On the top right are the social media icons for the BESAFE project and a search box for a general site search. The menu below those is the main menu.
  • Main menu
    The main menu is always available and offers shortcuts to the main access modes and info pages.
  • Main menu dropdown
    The three rightmost buttons on the main menu also give access to drop down menu's. The one for the info pages is shown here.
  • Information
    When items in texts are underlined with a dotted line, a box with an explanation or definition pops up when the mouse pointer is placed over them.

    Moving the mouse pointer over an "i" symbol also brings up an information box
  • Search results next page
    To navigate to the next or previous resulst in a search results list, you can use the arrows at the bottom of the pages.
  • Navigation arrows in briefs
    At the bottom of briefs you will see arrows linking to other briefs. They are standard items of Wordpress, in which this tool is built, but have no particular significance here.