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Welcome to the Search and Filter page

A search using the filters and search box on the left is real content only, it excludes reference and instruction pages. Use the search box in the upper right corner to searche the whole site.

Setting a filter will deliver all items with specific information on that subject (e.g. checking ‘Ecosystem services’ does NOT deliver all items where ecosystems services are merely mentioned, but only the ones that really contain specific information on them).

Don't forget to scroll down to the SUBMIT button after setting filters!

With more filters in a group set, the search results will consist of all items answering to either one or both of the filter criteria (e.g. checking ‘national’ AND ‘regional’ in the scale group will deliver all items marked national, regional or national as well as regional). Checking filters in more than one group will deliver only those items answering to the criteria in BOTH groups (e.g. checking ‘national’ AND ‘effectiveness’ will deliver only items marked as national AND marked as containing specific information on effectiveness.

The search box above the filters combines with them. E.g. setting ‘National’ in combination with entering ‘argument’ in the search box delivers all items labelled as ‘national’ AND containing the word argument.

For brief instructions you can also hover your mouse pointer over the "Info2" symbol on the the top left side.